Our contract mattresses are triple layered high density, flame retardant foam covered in CT22 (otherwise known as ‘Nautilus') material.

The centre layer can be customised to customer requirements regarding density/firmness.

The concealed zip protects the mattress by allowing fluids to pass over it rather than penetrating through to the foam.

Technical data for ‘Nautilus’ waterproof, breathable, flame retardant fabric.

WATERPROOF.... Hydrostatic head BS3424>1.5m
BREATHABLE..... moisture vapour permeable BS 3546 65%
FLAME RETARDANT....BS 7717 (2008) Crib 5 – BS 7177 2008 + A1: 2011
TEAR STRENGTH....BS 4303 – ( BS 2543 Severe Contract Grade )
UREA RESISTANCE....BS 3424 part 19 no deterioration after 24hrs 5.5 PH 8.8 PH urea soak.
ANTI BACTERIAL....Will not support microbial growth
ANTI FUNGAL.....Aspergillus Niger* E.Coli* Penicillium* Stuphyloccus Aureus* Cladosporium Herbarism*
HYPO ALLERGENIC.... Forms effective barrier against bed mites, organisms, etc.


A further service we can offer is to remove old mattresses to our contracted E A licenced recycling facility. Details on request.

Please contact sales@reliantsalesfoam.com to discuss your requirements.